Portable catering sink rental Ballarat

Willco Hire’s portable catering sinks are a great asset at any party or event as they look good and are easy to use.

The portable catering sink unit is 1800mm wide × 600mm deep and is self-contained with its own built-in hot water service, macerator (pumps the waste to wherever required) and pump. The sink can run on either mains water or stored water, where we supply a tank and connect it to the sink.

Willco Hire can also supply a waste tank which we pump out at the end of your event. Great for chefs and general food preparation as they also come with a separate hand wash basin to comply with the Australian food handling standards.

Hiring a portable hand washing sink means more space as there is a separate area for handwashing, it’s easier for children to access, reduced wait for toilets, and it can be used near food preparation areas to comply with Health and Safety laws.

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